Replace manual reviews with automatic alert prioritisation

Evaluate, assess and prioritise risk alerts automatically. Greatly reduce the time spent reviewing false positives, and lower your risk exposure by harnessing the power of open source data with Videris - a complete investigations platform.

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What Our Clients Say

Manual Screening is No
Longer an Effective Strategy

Analysts have only so much time to devote to each transaction alert. This coupled with slow, surface-level manual screening can result in a backlog of alerts and missed SLAs.

The solution? Videris OSINT investigations platform.

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Reduce false positive overwhelm

Up to 95% of AML alerts are false positives.1 The operational burden of manually screening high volumes of alerts is a key bottleneck experienced by many AML teams. Instead, use Videris to free up your analysts to focus on high risk transactions.

1. 2020 report by Global Investigations Review

Stay ahead of compliance risk

Eliminate inconsistencies inherent in the manual review process. Ensure all alerts are reviewed in a timely and thorough manner. Leave no stone unturned with a secure automated screening solution that helps you stay ahead of ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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Outsmart criminal sophistication

Financial crime tactics continue to evolve and evade traditional AML detection methods. In response, FIs are obligated to deploy new tools and processes if they are to keep up. Relying on surface-level manual reviews of open source data is no longer an effective strategy.

How Videris Works

Connects with
your tools & systems

Seamlessly integrate with your transaction monitoring systems and other tools. Plus, quickly import and search data from internal and shared sources from within Videris.

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Accelerate risk screening &
reduce operational costs

Leverage live, open source internet data and enable analysts to make faster, more informed decisions about whether to escalate.

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Eliminate backlogs &
file higher quality SARs

Automate OSINT analysis and your first tier of manual reviews. Free up analysts and investigators to focus on higher priority matters. Plus, quickly auto-generate reports with additional context from live internet data.

Videris Aids Investigative Teams Across a Wide Range of Applications

Customer Due Diligence & KYC

Quickly uncover high-risk customers and conduct in-depth background checks by leveraging live internet data alongside other data sets. Augment and accelerate onboarding processes with a tool that automates slow manual tasks. Videris enables analysts to save time and focus on what matters.

Enhanced due diligence

Videris places open source intelligence at the fingertips of EDD teams. Teams can: quickly search all 3 layers of the web, generate intuitive visualisations of social and corporate networks, simplify cross-matching and named entity recognition, and much more.

Rapid remediation

Expedite your customer due diligence processes by conducting faster, more thorough checks with Videris. Replace time-consuming, error prone manual checks with deep automated risk assessments that account for open source data, sanctions lists, PEP lists and more.