Videris 3.0

By Blackdot Solutions

Videris 3.0

We have successfully launched Videris 3.0. We’ve given the program a complete new look to make it more modern, more intuitive and more engaging. We’ve also taken major steps to reduce the load put on online user accounts.

A New Look

We’ve updated to a fresher white and improved the layout, whilst making sure the core program remains recognisably Videris.

Powerful New Search

We’ve also made huge improvements to the search platform. As well as a better user experience, the ‘search screen’ offers important flexibility. Users can now combine different types of searches. For example, they can search for officer records and social media profiles simultaneously.

More Resilient Online Accounts

Behind the scenes we’ve introduced online account rotation into Videris 3.0. This means that online activity is automatically spread between a pool of user accounts, ensuring efficiency and reducing digital footprint.
A new interface on the Videris server also means that online accounts no longer need to be entered or managed by users.