Blackdot integrates Factiva

By Blackdot Solutions

Blackdot integrates Factiva

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    Blackdot Solutions is pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Dow Jones Factiva.

    Our software now provides clients of Dow Jones with direct integration with the Dow Jones Factiva global news database, which offers content from over 32,000 sources in 28 languages.

    Users can search Factiva in the software’s Collection Platform alongside pre-existing sources and leverage the full range of our Collection Platform’s selection, filtering and analytical tools to explore Factiva results. Integration with Factiva significantly extends our software’s reach into premium paywall content.

    The addition of Factiva augments our excellent coverage of corporate records, unstructured Internet data and social media. In many cases it will also allow users access to media content before it’s published online. The unrivalled open source capability of our unique investigations software will be further enhanced.

    For more information on this exciting new integration please contact us using the form on the home page.

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