Exciting new features: document management and import/export

By Blackdot Solutions

document management feature

Blackdot is pleased to announce the latest evolution of its software platform Videris, which now includes document management and import/export functionality.

Blackdot Solutions today issued to clients the latest release of Videris, its groundbreaking research and intelligence software. Whilst originally designed for online research, Videris now boasts the ability to host and work with both internal and external documents, which can be stored in a fully integrated dedicated document hosting system.

The result is a dynamic intelligence platform capable of supporting a dedicated corporate knowledge base. Internal documents can be continually and seamlessly refreshed by means of Videris’s unparalleled online research capability. In addition to all of its well established analytical and investigative features, the opportunity to host and work with clients’ own data and a wide range of external documents will be transformative for anyone looking for an accessible and intuitive intelligence platform

Videris’s data import and export functions have also been significantly enhanced in this latest release. Users can now easily upload information about people, companies and events into Videris from a CSV format.

This unique combination of functionality brings huge power and dynamism for users where seamless navigation between the worlds of online information and internal data is required.

These benefits can be exploited by users and managers alike:

Videris enables users to uncover connections faster by analysing internal document databases alongside Internet data.

  • Users managing multiple tasks can organise all the relevant files and use the integrations to search across previous projects, minimising potential duplication of effort and avoiding intelligence failure.
  • Managers concerned about varying access rights to multiple projects can use the document management system’s built-in access control.

“We are very excited about Videris’ evolution”, says Blackdot Chairman Adam de Courcy Ling.  “We have seen first-hand how our clients can now use our software to gain a much greater value from their own internal data while continually being able to refresh this information. Searches from the full range of our software’s external data feed provide maximum insight and improve corporate knowledge on a range of topics.”