Factiva Alerts integration

By Blackdot Solutions

Factiva Alerts integration

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    Note: This integration has been replaced with the Factiva Premium News integration. You can read more about this integration here and on our partner page.

    Monitor real-time news developments through Videris

    Blackdot will soon be able to offer Videris users access to Dow Jones Factiva’s alerting capability through Videris, giving clients the opportunity to monitor news developments on topics of particular interest.

    “Factiva Alerts” is a current awareness service that monitors news around the clock from thousands of publications, web sites, blogs and boards, continuously sending news to folders that you set up.

    Many of our clients already enjoy our integration with the Factiva global news database, which offers premium news content from over 32,000 sources in 28 languages. Using Factiva Alerts functionality within Videris will give users the opportunity to enable automated searching of the Factiva global news database as part of their Videris research. Users will be alerted to relevant new results from global news via email notification.

    This new functionality will be particularly useful to organisations using Videris for longer term projects, or those simply interested in monitoring a situation which they had previously evaluated. It will complement our recent enhancements in adding e-discovery and document management integrations, which have enabled our clients to analyse their own internal data alongside information collected through Videris’ industry leading open source collection capability.

    If Factiva Alerts through Videris is something you’d be interested in exploring, please let us know by contacting your Account Manager or emailing us using the form below.

    At Blackdot we’re constantly using feedback from our clients to enhance Videris, so we’re always keen to hear your suggestions on new ways we can make our software even more valuable.  For example, we’re currently working with Asia and US based clients to integrate additional geographically relevant corporate record data. If you have any specific suggestions for new data sources or functionality within the software please do get in touch.

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