Videris and the legal sector

By Blackdot Solutions

Videris and the legal sector

As Blackdot Solutions continues its journey of growth and success into 2018, we are excited to see Videris’ continued progress in the legal sector. Our software is well established in the public and risk consultancy sectors, and very well suited to conventional investigations; we are also increasingly seeing the value that a professional open source research tool in the hands of lawyers and their support staff can add.

By way of an example, Videris was recently very successfully deployed in a case that required swift and ethically sourced enquiries to uncover previously unknown assets of an individual, who was subject to litigation. Where business interests are deliberately organised in a way that is opaque or difficult to penetrate, uncovering ownership structures often depends on exploration of a network in greater depth and to more degrees of separation than can be ordinarily achieved quickly by a manual corporate records’ check.

In this case, Videris uncovered that the individual in question had a number of assets that were previously unknown to the legal team and that these were registered under different variations of his name and using family members as proxies. A conventional corporate records check found only one company associated with the individual, registered in Cyprus.

Once these interests had been identified, the user mapped out the business interests for these records with a click of a mouse. In this way, she could immediately see the co-directors and addresses for these records.  These were critical pieces of information for the overall litigation.

In another example, Videris was used to identify negative content relating to a company of interest. The company in question was not listed on any compliance databases, so it was quite a surprise when Videris uncovered an association with government officials accused of corruption. This was achieved in one step via Videris’ Due Diligence search, which pulls back all web content mentioning your search term in conjunction with a vast library of risk terms. This means a risk-related web result that sits on page forty of a conventional search is found immediately.

Major London law firms are already using Videris to support the work of their litigators and compliance lawyers, giving them a competitive edge. Whether seeking to understand a corporate structure extremely quickly or run thorough and fully auditable web searches, Videris is an intuitive and sophisticated tool to rely on for quick fact checks or extended research tasks. Videris has successfully been deployed in contentious regulatory investigations, including insider risk, anti-bribery and corruption cases; asset tracing and to uncover individuals’ locations.

We are really enjoying showcasing Videris and its relevance to the legal sector and are very happy to demonstrate its capability live. Gemma Rogers who spearheaded our campaign in the financial services sector is leading our  engagement with law firms. If you would like to book a demo, please contact her using the form below.

We will be at several legal tech networking events too this year, including RelativityFest in May 2018, so if you’re there, do feel free to come and say hello.

If you would like to explore licensing options, please get in touch with our Client Engagement team using the contact form below.