New ways to try our software

By Blackdot Solutions


In recent months we’ve been working hard to make our software as accessible and easy to use as possible. We’ve come up with some great new hassle-free ways to get the most out of the product, which you can read about below.

iTRAP Viewer

Our clients have long known the power of presenting investigation results in the form of eye-catching charts. Explaining opaque corporate structures, showing connections and demonstrating networks of influence is far easier with iTRAP’s excellent visualisation tools. Previously only available to customers who purchased full software licences, we are now offering the capability to consultancy clients to view, export and present investigation data directly using our cutting-edge visualisation by means of iTRAP Viewer, an enhanced read-only access via the Cloud. Clients can present and edit their charts on a big screen, as well as export data to their own systems, all for a monthly subscription which includes a prepaid allocation of dedicated Blackdot analyst research time.

New 4-week software evaluations

We’ve seen an increasing number of requests from people who want to evaluate our software on live investigations, and have made it easier to try than ever before. Organisations that want to test out the power and speed of our investigations platform can now do so in our new two-week trials. Our four-week trial version is a cloud-hosted, SaaS style subscription service via dedicated login for one or more users. Blackdot hosts all necessary infrastructure and provides all training to make sure you get the most out of your evaluation time, all for a small setup fee.

New Functionality

Investigations with our software have always been fast – but over the past few months our developers have been working hard to make them even quicker. It’s now up to 11 times faster to insert and edit large numbers of entities in one go – making our software even more useful for larger-scale investigations. At the same time, our new ‘Offshore Leaks’ tab provides direct access to ICIJ data, further enhancing your corporate investigations.

Interested in our new offerings, or want a demo of our new functionality? Contact Mark Stevens using the form below to find out more.