Optimising recruitment with Videris

By Blackdot Solutions

optimising recruitment

Recently we’ve had lots of interest in Videris from recruiters and HR departments. Videris allows organisations to enhance their understanding of hires and to generate more of their own hiring opportunities.

We’ve identified three main areas where Videris can help tackle the challenges met by those involved in recruitment:

Maximising insight
Maximising insight is critical to effective hiring. Videris allows our clients to develop a detailed understanding of individuals.

  • Build a thorough and textured understanding of your candidate using a combination of social media, corporate records and open web content.
  • Map and visualise your candidate’s connections through social media, board memberships and shareholdings.
  • Perform comprehensive review of web content to identify press coverage, interests, contributions to forums/conferences and other sources of relevant detail.
Assessing suitability

Videris offers a range of ways to assess whether a potential hire is suitable.
By conducting a more wide- ranging review you can be sure that you have identified any unexpected issues.
  • Check corporate records, media reporting and LinkedIn profiles in minutes to substantiate a CV and account for any gaps or identify potential conflicts of interest.
  • Use Videris’ specialised Due Diligence searcher to identify relevant risk content within seconds.
  • Videris makes it far easier to identify the right social media profile and check it for risk content, meaning that any unsuitable content can’t be missed.

Proactively identifying talent

Videris can be used proactively to identify the best and most actionable candidates for roles.

  • Identify individuals of interest  and expand their networks to find similar individuals in seconds.
  • Map corporate structures and management at speed to identify who is who in an organisation
  • Build and curate databases of potential targets in specific industries, organisations and geographies for future reference.
  • Import your own information first to ensure that you don’t duplicate effort.
  • Use connectivity analysis to find routes to interesting targets through individuals in your own organisation.

If you’re interested in how you might be able to use Videris to improve your organisation’s recruitment contact us using the contact us button at the top of the page.