Introducing the Videris Connector Framework

By Blackdot Solutions

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    When deciding what Videris 4.0 would look like, we were presented with a major challenge. As we reflected on Videris 3 and the extensive feedback we’ve received from customers over the years, it was evident that our community wanted to do more with Videris. Videris as a platform is at the heart of our customers’ investigative work, but it didn’t yet contain every source that every customer needed. While Videris offers native integrations into a number of data sources such as BVD (Bureau Van Dijk) Orbis, Dow Jones Factiva and OCCRP, we knew we needed to do more to make our platform even more open and extensible.

    The Videris Connector Framework is a major accomplishment for us in realising this vision. As one of the many capabilities we launched in Videris 4.0, we are excited to see the connector framework allowing Videris to grow and helping our customers solve even greater problems.

    The Videris Connector Framework allows customers and partners to connect to, search and collect from any repository that has an API. Week to week, new OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) data sources become available and this trend shows no sign of slowing. With the Videris Connector Framework, our users can keep pace with this growth, while also shaping Videris for their own specific use case. With a little bit of coding knowledge and an understanding of APIs it’s possible to have Videris search and investigate any open source repository, provided it’s publicly available information and there is an API.

    Case Study – AML (Anti Money Laundering) Investigations

    Given the complexity and multifaceted nature of anti-money laundering initiatives, investigators are often most effective when they have the richest and most relevant data sets at their disposal. Financial crimes also have no geographic boundaries, so it is prudent to investigate global, local and more specialist data sets to gain a complete picture. However, analysts are often constrained by what we refer to as the swivel chair dilemma, and they must manually search and connect the dots between various data repositories. The Videris Connector Framework allows AML investigators to seamlessly bring together the relevant regional officer and company registries on a case-by-case basis, alongside global data, and enrich this information with global sanctions lists, leaks data and adverse media to develop a better awareness of risk and capture greater intelligence.

    The Videris Connector Framework also solves another problem: combining internal and external data. There is no shortage of internal databases across investigation departments, but one of the biggest challenges is searching, and getting valuable information from them. The Videris Connector Framework enables search and collection across internal sources: Videris can become a single pane of glass for the investigator.

    Case Study – Serious & Organised Crime

    “Law enforcement and government agencies have significant amounts of data available to them, which includes intelligence that has been developed over time as well as live, internet-based information. Much of the information resides in its own data silo, and investigation teams struggle to search across it and make use of it as part of a broader intelligence led investigation. The Videris Connector Framework enables these teams to bring together internal intelligence such as narcotics or terrorism databases, with external, publicly available information such as dark web, marketplaces, or forums –  and to develop actionable intelligence.

    Throughout the development of the Videris Connector Framework, the Blackdot team were excited by its potential and developed several connectors to repositories like SQL Server, LittleSis and Bitcoin Abuse. At this time, we do not plan to add these connectors to Videris natively. However, we are pleased to share these connectors and more in our community GitHub. Our team will continue to develop new connectors, but we want to encourage our community of users to share their own.

    The Videris Connector Framework unlocks access to new and local sources through Videris. Users are able to profit from the effectiveness and analytical benefits Videris brings across all of their sources. This is just the beginning for our Connector Framework and we have big plans to grow the community, add deeper capabilities and explore the potential of a no, or low code framework. 

    If you would like more information about the framework and how to get started get in touch.

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