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What is Videris?

Videris is online investigations software. It’s the most comprehensive platform for extracting maximum value from open source information. It offers maximum security and anonymity and is operated by the client independently. Videris is configurable to handle everything from rapid screening through to deep-dive investigations.

  • CompleteIt provides a single environment for the analysis of news media, search engine content, corporate data, web domain information, social networks and more.
  • LeadingIt is recognised as having the world’s leading capability for investigation using social media and corporate data.
  • ScalableIt is suitable for deployments ranging from a small team of analysts in a corporate security department all the way through to hundreds of users in a major international bank.

Core Capabilities

Remote working with Videris

Videris is ideally suited to remote working: users can access it from home or another location just as easily as from their workplace. All of the security benefits it offers also apply when working from home, so there is no risk that investigations are insecure or traceable.

Videris can also be easily and quickly deployed remotely. We offer full remote training and support as required.

CollectSearch and distil, extract and enrich

Quickly search the web, premium data sources or internal databases all at the same time. Capture results in the search platform, ready for analysis. Extend networks in seconds, consolidating information about a target from different data sources.

AnalyseIdentify connections and prioritise content

Videris finds hidden links in large data sets that a human analyst might miss. Results are automatically sorted by their relevance to the investigation. Identify risk content instantly. Work across languages and character sets.

VisualiseMap networks and present interactive charts

Chart extensive and complex networks to understand large data sets. Interactive chart backed up by full intelligence database. Online investigations software allows you to build clear and precise diagrams to present findings or to export for onward dissemination.

Why Videris?


The most comprehensive platform for extracting maximum value from open source information.


Full service commitment with training and support. Flexible product roadmap. No additional costs.

Proven value

Join leading organisations in your sector. Use Videris to transform your investigative and open source capability.

Videris enables financial crime professionals to conduct the best possible investigation of suspicious transactions and is a critical resource in the fight against financial crime.

Videris forms a key component of a risk-based compliance and financial crime architecture, and can be applied throughout the life-cycle of a case from early stage triage to in-depth investigation. Videris provides banks with the confidence that high risk situations can be solved to the highest possible standards with maximum efficiency.

Our technical standards, approach to security and client service make Videris the natural choice for the world’s leading financial institutions.

Our corporate clients use Videris to investigate counterfeiting, illicit trade, ABC, conflicts of interest, fraud, internal threats and hostile activism.

Videris’ ability to identify critical information and to capture and present that in a secure and auditable manner provides corporates with a new level of internal capability.

By bringing our software in-house our corporate clients ensure instructions to specialist vendors are much tighter, they can corroborate external reporting and ultimately reduce their reliance on costly third parties.

Use Videris to combat national security and criminal threats.

Videris is the market leading capability in open source investigations for the intelligence and law enforcement community. It is transforming the power of online information for use in countering terrorism, serious and organised crime, espionage, proliferation, corruption and terrorist financing cases.

Videris is a self-contained system and operates with the highest standards of operational security. All data and software are controlled only by the client and can be operated entirely independently.

We welcome enquiries from UK and overseas government agencies and can offer the benefit of engagement with staff with relevant expertise to your sector. We approach engagements with all our clients with maximum discretion.

Videris provides law firms with unique capability, easily operated by non-specialists. Videris enables lawyers to quickly understand situations, identify important but hard to locate information, ownership structures and negative content. Law firms use Videris both to support major litigation cases and to quickly make sense of individual situations.

Videris is already integrated with Relativity, the global leader in e-discovery solutions, which allows lawyers to analyse information they already hold in the context of other relevant information that might exist in online sources.

In an increasingly competitive world, Videris® and Relativity provide real differentiation for lawyers and those who work for them.

Videris has become irreplaceable for risk consultancies and business intelligence practices across the world. Videris has transformed their capability enabling them to conduct investigations and due diligence at a level of sophistication previously reserved for the intelligence community.

Videris has enabled risk consultancies to build industry leading business practices, revolutionise productivity and deepen client relationships. Videris users are to able provide their own clients with unrivalled insights in the quickest possible time and therefore clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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