Collect, analyse and visualise open source data with Videris

Blackdot Solutions makes Videris, a complete online investigations and intelligence platform for professional investigators and analysts. 


Videris helps your team to collect, analyse and visualise open source data faster and more accurately. 

We work with governments, banks, major corporates and professional services to transform the way they run investigations.

Why Videris?

It combines all of your investigations tools into one platform and solves common issues when working with open source data.


By automating manual tasks, Videris lets the analyst do more, much faster. Radically increase productivity and reduce costs.

Videris helps the analyst to identify and analyse relevant content. It enables active identification of risk, not just box-ticking.

Videris helps analysts control their online footprint, remain secure and be untraceable throughout investigations.

Videris offers complete sourcing, logging, full auditability and standardised reporting. Decisions can easily be explained.

All your investigation tools in one platform

Collect (1) (1)


...a wide range of sources in a single click – including different search engines, corporate records, media reporting and social media.

Automatically analyse...

…using intelligent automation, robotic process automation and natural language processing. So it’s easy to spot hidden connections.

Cross Matching (1)
Visualise Charts (1)


...the data and connections you find on an interactive chart, grid or map, then export it into a report.


...your open source intelligence tools in one platform, saving you time. 

Combine (1)
Secure (1)


...and anonymise your investigation capability. 


...full data sourcing as you work. 

Inspect (3)

Return on investment

Join leading organisations in your sector. Use Videris to transform your investigative and open source capability.  


More efficient than manual processes. Users able to do 5X more work with Videris.


Increase in investigation output experienced by Videris users.


Days of work that Videris users are now able to do in 1 day.

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