We are a groundbreaking UK-based technology company
We have created Videris®, a unique research and intelligence platform

Our software began as a tool which drew information specifically from the Internet. Clients have long valued Videris’® ability to perform complex analysis on Internet data, secure in the knowledge that no vital information had been missed.

Today, Videris® is a complete research and intelligence platform. It enables the analyst to collect, store, search and analyse external data alongside a client’s own internal information. Furthermore, Videris can be fully customised to integrate with client’s internal databases and preferred external data feeds

Videris is a discrete, compliant and regulated environment within which to conduct professional research.  It is now possible to rapidly make sense of disparate, unstructured or incomplete information in order to identify risks, prove relationships and provide meaningful insight.

Transforming capability

Multinational corporations, international banks, leading law firms and government agencies rely on Videris® to support their investigative work.


Videris® is transforming our clients’ ability to understand counterparties, higher-risk clients and complex financial crime issues. Clients are using Videris® to investigate fraud, resolve bribery and corruption cases and identify internal threats.


Videris® is providing our clients with significant additional intelligence capability, allowing them the best perspective on a range of real world issues.

Bringing together critical data sources

Organisations need to quickly collect and make sense of a range of information to make well informed decisions.


Videris® brings together global corporate records, unstructured search engine content, social media, premium data sources and clients’ own information in an intuitive and secure platform.


Our clients use Videris® to conduct all of their research  from collection, to analysis, to visualisation.

Secure, flexible and intuitive

Using Videris® ensures your investigations are entirely anonymous, secure and auditable.


Videris® is language-independent and can be deployed effectively on investigative projects regardless of their geography.


Videris® can be installed on a local computer or in the cloud to be accessed remotely from any location. Each cloud instance is unique to a specific client.


Our account executives can train a Videris® user in a single day.

Videris® transforms and professionalises

the investigative process

Videris® enables professional analysts and researchers to conduct their work in a fraction of the usual time and with maximum rigour, all with the reassurance of security, auditability and legality.

Transforms productivity

  • Map complex corporate structures in minutes
  • Find relationships in vast social media networks in seconds.
  • Effortlessly identify risk content within thousands of web pages.

Provides a new level of insight

  • Find critical information that could not otherwise be located.
  • Never miss something relevant  – intentionally hidden or not. 
  • Uncover connections between individuals, locations and events.

Professionalises the investigative process

  • Host all research in one secure place.
  • Be confident that findings are entirely auditable, referenceable and ethically sourced.
  • Work in any language or script.

Our premium integration partners include:

You can license Videris® via the Cloud, or through installation on your premises.

Cloud installations can be up and running in 24 hours.

All licence agreements include full training, software upgrades and support.

To ensure that you get the most out of Videris®, we also offer our expert analysts to work with our software as part of your team.

for your sector


Videris®’ heritage is in the secure government sector. It is designed to provide the standards of security, accuracy and auditability that are required in a secure government environment. Videris® is unrivalled in exploiting open sources to fight crime and terrorism.


We welcome enquiries from UK and overseas government agencies and can offer the benefit of several staff with relevant expertise. A number of our staff also hold the highest level of UK government security clearance.


We approach all our clients with maximum discretion. All data and software is controlled by the client and can be operated entirely independently from Blackdot.


Our recent integration with Relativity, the global leader in e-discovery solutions, has transformed Videris®’ relevance to the legal sector. Videris® allows lawyers to develop a deep understanding of cases and to test hypotheses far more quickly and thoroughly.


Where Videris® is integrated with an e-discovery platform, lawyers can exploit all of their e-discovery data alongside the wealth of information available in online sources to rapidly build insight on a situation.


In an increasingly competitive world, Videris® and Relativity provide real differentiation for lawyers and those who work for them.


Financial crime and financial intelligence teams are facing ever increasing demands, but their effectiveness has been hampered by a lack of outstanding technology. Videris® addresses a key part of this deficit.


Our banking clients are using Videris® to optimise their use of open source information in investigating fraud, market abuse, insider threat and high risk relationships and transactions. We are currently working with a number of the world’s leading banks to ensure that Videris® remains a transformative tool for the sector.


Corporate security professionals welcome the opportunity to engage with the kind of technology they had previously relied upon in their careers in intelligence, policing and the military. By bringing our software into their departments they can reduce their reliance on third parties and become an enabler of business for their company.


Our clients use Videris® for a range of applications including anti-counterfeit, anti-illicit trade, ABC, conflicts of interest and fraud.