Discover Hidden Risks with Videris Enhanced Due Diligence Solution

Direct focus onto the right information and uncover risks fast with open source data. Cut through the noise and come to quicker, more informed decisions with Videris – the solution for more efficient enhanced due diligence.

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What Our Clients Say

How our enhanced due diligence solution uncovers hidden risk factors

Manual screening of adverse media, PEP and sanctions lists isn’t enough to build a true picture of risk. Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a critical component for conducting thorough due diligence.

In-depth enhanced due diligence doesn’t have to impact efficiency.

The solution? Videris OSINT investigations platform.

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Gain clarity in a sea of noise

Enhanced due diligence needs to be done quickly to avoid obstructing onboarding or deal progress. Use Videris to guarantee efficiency and enable business.

Rapid insights into a subject of interest

Videris lets investigators quickly identify risks and investigate further if needed. Avoid wasting time on low-risk entities and concentrate on those with highest risk.

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Find risk you might have missed

Enhanced due diligence requires investigators to balance speed with detail – but how can they be sure they haven’t missed key insights? Videris solves this problem.

How Videris Works

Connects with
your tools & systems

Videris seamlessly integrates with case management systems and more. Plus, you can quickly import data from internal and curated sources, then combine with OSINT to get a single view of a subject of interest.

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Input an individual’s

or business’ information

Videris can complete a search with just a name. However, you can provide as much information as you wish. Refine and customise your search criteria to suit your needs.

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Reveal the full context

behind a subject

Review a variety of online sources, including adverse media, search engine results, blogs, and forums. Map corporate and social networks to develop an even more nuanced understanding of risk.

Videris Aids Investigative Teams Across a Wide Range of Applications

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Supply chain verification

Create robust supply chain and vendor risk assessment strategies required for growth. Identify risks, analyse and evaluate suppliers, plus conduct in-depth background checks – all from within Videris.

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Customer onboarding

Expedite onboarding with a platform that enables simple, secure inter-team collaboration. Screen adverse media, sanction and PEP lists, and the wider internet simultaneously in just a few clicks.

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M&A due diligence

Uncover any risks or suspicious activity associated with a target company fast. Centralise where you assess a company’s risk profile. Evaluate its finances, legal, commercial, ops, people, compliance and more.

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Enhanced due diligence

Escalate due diligence processes to EDD teams without information getting lost in transmission. Visualise complex networks and ownership structures. Streamline and speed up the process for investigators, analysts, accountants and clients alike.

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Employee vetting/senior hires

Adopt a proactive risk-based approach when screening and investigating new hires and insider threats. Greatly minimise the risk of incidents occurring by leveraging OSINT.