Identify Risk Fast with Enhanced Sanctions Screening

Stay on top of changing sanctions lists and regulations by harnessing the power of OSINT in your sanctions screening investigations. Uncover hidden connections and reveal true ownership with Videris, a complete investigations solution.

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What Our Clients Say

How effective is your sanctions screening strategy?

Simply consulting sanctions lists is no longer an effective sanctions screening strategy. Increasing challenges and changing beneficial ownership regulations mean that investigators must go beyond watchlists to form an accurate picture of an entity’s sanctions risk.

However, visiting multiple sources manually can be slow and ineffective. Investigators need a solution that streamlines sanctions screening operations and lets them make the most of the available data in a fraction of the time.

The solution? Videris OSINT investigations platform.

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Harness the power of OSINT

Investigators need access to a wide range of data to gain an accurate picture of sanctions risk. Videris enables investigators to conduct more effective sanctions screening by combining curated lists and live internet data or Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Stay ahead of the changing sanctions landscape

With watchlists frequently changing, investigators need to be able to stay ahead. Equipping them with access to curated sanctions lists alongside other sources helps to ensure this. Plus, get the most out of this data by using Videris’s automation features to streamline data collection and surface insights, faster.

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Protect your organisation

Guarantee more accurate results by consulting more sources and making effective use of automation. Identify less obvious connections to sanctioned entities in order to meet regulatory requirements as they continue to change and tighten.

How Videris Works

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Reduce human error and increase efficiency

Make effective use of automation and host your entire investigation in one platform with Videris. Reduce the risk of missing an important piece of information or a crucial link between entities.


Connect with your existing systems

Bring internal data into Videris to analyse all the relevant sources in one place. Videris also integrates seamlessly with preexisting tools and processes for a smooth onboarding experience.


Achieve more effective sanctions screening

Videris empowers sanctions investigators to go beyond sanctions lists and uncover hidden connections, revealing the true ownership of companies and assets in a timely manner.

See Enhanced Sanctions Screening in Action

Understand how Videris streamlines sanctions screening in practice in this case study.

We lead an example investigation into a company that does not appear on any watchlists and, on the surface, has no connections to any sanctioned entities. Using Videris, we’re able to investigate further, rapidly uncovering hidden connections.

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