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It’s time banks bolstered their financial crime investigations software.

Investigators and analysts rely heavily on manual risk assessments and limited curated data sources that are insufficient. This has cost UK-based FIs $26 billion in non-compliance fines over the last decade. 

Videris lets investigators leverage and analyse live open source internet data, so that they can operate fast and at scale.

Conduct due diligence, triage alerts and resolve complex financial investigations in hours, rather than days.

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Accelerate KYC processes

Onboard new customers and conduct remediation fast. Screen the name of an individual or entity across the live internet, adverse media, and PEP and sanction lists in seconds.

Why Open source

Uncover rich insights hidden in open source data

Go beyond superficial checks with online searches that extend across the surface, deep and dark web in just a few clicks. Put internal and shared data in context with open source data, to produce higher-quality reports.

Investigators save more time and assess with deeper context than they ever could with cumbersome manual checks.

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Videris has supported the strengthening of our Financial Crime investigation function by providing us with more enhanced OSINT capabilities that enable our investigators to identify risks faster.

Marjo Pikkukangas
Group Head of Suspicious Activity Reporting at Danske Bank

 Why choose Videris?

Speed up the alert triage and investigation process through automation. Reduce backlogs and complete investigations within SLAs.

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How is Videris unique?

Single end to end Platform

One platform that fits into any workflow

Videris is a single pane of glass that increases the efficiency and accuracy of AFC investigations.

Investigators can collect, analyse and report on a diverse range of data sources from a platform that integrates everything together.

Live unstructured data

Brings live, unstructured data to the enterprise

Live internet data can be combined with structured third party and internal data for maximum insight.

Due dilligence

Boost investigative efficiency

Remove the need for siloed data and manual searches that cost your team time. 

Videris speeds up the investigation process by identifying false positives through an initial risk search. 

By accurately categorising and prioritising risk, financial investigators are enabled to focus on the cases that truly matter.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation and AI

High-quality data assists investigators in making more informed decisions. 

Videris employs intelligent automation to quickly sift through vast volumes of data and identify what is most relevant. This creates insightful reports, from which investigators can better assess risks.

Your expert partner in the use of open source data

Videris enables you to prioritise risk alerts with industry-leading financial investigation software. Blackdot Solutions will help you quickly and effectively integrate OSINT into your workflows across transaction monitoring, onboarding and complex investigations. 

Experience improved outcomes from day one:



  • Reduce cyber complexity with single point of access to open source data.
  • Include live internet data to produce higher quality, more accurate results.
  • Improve compliance by reducing backlogs and completing investigations within SLAs.


  • Transform business processes across AFC investigations.
  • Enhance existing regulatory AML compliance and anticipate future requirements.
  • Contribute more to the fight against financial crime.


  • Increase the efficiency of AML, AFC, fraud and compliance teams by an additional 400%.
  • Work seamlessly across multiple languages, data sets and international boundaries.
  • Consolidate your workflows with a financial crime platform that scales and adapts with you.


  • Drive a new way of working to produce more valuable criminal insights.
  • Enable analysts and investigators to spend more time investigating high-risk red flags, and less time on low-risk alerts.
  • Bring clarity to complex data with automated visualisation tools.