How Videris Investigations Software Helps Corporates

Open source information enhances major corporates’ investigations ability, helping them to get answers to important business problems. Videris brings consistency, transparency and accuracy to help you come out on top.

Why Videris for Corporates?

The internet is designed to make money from consumers, not to help businesses solve their problems. Videris helps to shift this focus.


Intelligent automation of manual tasks lets the analyst do more, much faster - radically increasing productivity and reducing costs.


Helps to identify and analyse relevant content, enabling active identification of risk - not just box-ticking. 


Analysts can control their online footprint, remain secure and be untraceable throughout investigations.


Complete sourcing, logging, auditability and standardised reporting mean that decisions can be easily explained. 

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Use cases

  • Identify networks that show the source and supply of counterfeit goods using map and chart visualisations.
  • Find unauthorised retailers selling products illicitly and find hidden connections to see possible insider involvement.
  • Resolve the identities of individuals involved in fraud using advanced connectivity mapping.
  • Spot connections you wouldn’t normally find - Videris highlights possible links, so you’re more likely to find the answer quickly.
  • Uncover connections between employees and corporate rivals or malicious actors.
  • Map networks involved in threats like protests and online campaigns. Then use relationship strength analysis and location mapping to identify key perpetrators.
  • Videris provides a fast way of checking everything that can be found by a malicious actor online, which is perfect for executive protection.
  • Videris allows analysts to conduct more thorough due diligence investigations in less time - on suppliers, employees or contractors.
  • Risks are automatically highlighted so it’s impossible to miss a key risk if it’s mentioned anywhere on the internet.
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Less outsourcing



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Improved productivity

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Reduce reputational damage

A Success Story

“Over the past three years we have used Videris to map out global smuggling networks in support of [brand integrity] investigations. Our analysts from government investigative backgrounds immediately recognized Videris as a force-multiplier, making them many times more efficient at exploiting huge quantities of open source information. That efficiency is the only way our organization can do what it needs to. Features like native language searching and translation and near-automatic building of source packages to provide evidentiary chain contribute to this efficiency, but the ability to make connections over huge amounts of data, collected over a long period of time, is where Videris has really made a difference, allowing our team to build out global networks that would never have otherwise been discoverable through open source information. It’s no exaggeration to say that we have built our business on Videris.”

CEO, Global Risk Consultancy