How Videris Investigations Software Helps Professional Services

Videris speeds up the day-to-day activities of analysts in professional services companies, letting them deliver more value to their clients in less time.  It brings all of the sources normally used for investigations together, speeding up your work and bringing greater insights.

Why Videris for professional services?

Videris adds value in many day-to-day investigations conducted by professional services firms.


Videris helps its users to complete work five times faster – so you can take on four more projects in the same time.


Videris helps you to find information and connections that you wouldn’t have found otherwise – so you can deliver greater insights to your clients.



Ensuring that your investigation is totally secure and untraceable can be difficult and time-consuming. Videris does all of this manual work for you.


Sourcing is important when you deliver reports to clients. Videris saves every source automatically, so you can prove where you saw it even if it’s taken down.

Blackdot Solutions Videris: why Videris

Use cases

  • You’re more likely to identify perpetrators and find a solution with Videris. Its interactive corporate record and social media mapping makes it easy to find suspicious links and unusual activity.


  • Videris increases accuracy and reduces the risk of missing something, so you can be certain you’re giving the right advice.
  • Dedicated due diligence search allows you to search the whole internet for risk-related material in a single click.
  • Videris makes it far easier to find connections because it can spot identical and similar data - even between different data types.
  • This makes it perfect for investigations where second-degree connectivity can be a vital piece of the puzzle.

Quickly generate reports


Scope a project faster and more accurately


Enforce a standard of investigation


Integrated secure browser


All the sources you use in one location


Export professional charts