OSINT Software for Professional Investigators

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Videris helps risk consultancies and law firms deliver more value to their clients in less time. It brings the whole of the investigator’s workflow into one platform, making investigations faster and increasing insight.

Why Videris for professional services?

Videris adds value in many day-to-day investigations conducted by professional services firms.

Increase productivity and reduce costs by automating slow manual tasks, enabling the analyst to do more, much faster.

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Fraud and illicit trade

Videris makes identifying perpetrators of fraud easier. Its interactive corporate record and social media mapping makes it easy to find suspicious links and unusual activity.

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Due dilligence

Videris increases accuracy and reduces the risk of missing something, so investigators can be certain of high-quality reports. Dedicated due diligence search allows investigators to search the whole internet for risk-related material in a single click.

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Insider threat investigations

Videris makes it easier to find connections because it can spot identical and similar data - even between different data types. This makes it perfect for investigations where second-degree connectivity can be a vital piece of the puzzle.

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“Videris has allowed us to take on clients and assignments which we would otherwise have to decline or outsource. Elsewhere, investigations that would previously take us days can now be done in hours."

Jacob Magnusson, Head of Operational Analysis at CERTA

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