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Centralise search, analysis, visualisation and reporting in one powerful OSINT platform. Make more informed decisions and increase your investigation output by 400% using Videris.

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Why Videris OSINT tool?

Accelerate decision-making with automated filtering and analysis of both internal and external data sources to spotlight the most relevant information.

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Enhance Investigations with Videris Open Source Intelligence Software


Counter-terrorism, serious and organised crime investigations

Built for the intelligence community, Videris combines the highest levels of security and powerful analysis tools. This enables investigators to uncover criminal networks, record evidence, identify targets and communicate actions more efficiently.

Internal fraud

Internal fraud investigations and insider threat intelligence

An average of $3m is saved by fraud investigation teams in their first year of using Videris. Map connections and resolve the identities of subjects involved in a fraud. Make quick decisions and proactively screen for insider threats.

Brand protection

Brand protection, illicit trade and supply chain risk

Identify the networks behind counterfeit goods. Gain visibility over your supply chain partners, vet those relationships and make informed decisions to protect your business.

Money Yours

Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Anti Financial Crime (AFC)

Transform AML/AFC investigations and identify connections that would otherwise be missed. Videris augments your capabilities and increases efficiency, while keeping you ahead of public and regulator demands.

Due dilligence

Due diligence

Quickly vet potential business partners and suppliers to understand any associated risks. Uncover hidden connections and map relationships in order to minimise risk and maximise informed decision-making.

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