Transform your investigations with an OSINT-led social network analysis tool

Stop criminals in their tracks with an enhanced social network analysis tool. Rapidly gain a complete picture of criminal social networks, uncover hidden connections and unlock the full potential of OSINT using Videris, a complete investigations solution.

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What Our Clients Say

Are you getting a full picture of a subject’s network?

Investigators conducting social network analysis must collate and analyse large volumes of data from disparate sources in order to understand a subject of interest’s pattern of life. Relying on manual methods presents significant barriers to effectiveness, especially within time-sensitive operations, as accessing and processing the relevant data manually is highly time-consuming. On top of this, it’s extremely difficult to ensure a deep understanding of subjects within a network and their connections without the right technology.

Analysts need a social network analysis tool that supports them in collecting the data they need, identifying less obvious connections and understanding connection strength at a glance.

The solution? Videris OSINT investigations platform.

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Understand criminal networks in minutes

Investigators need a social network analysis tool that leaves them in total control of the investigation whilst driving efficiency. Using Videris, analysts can focus on the most important parts of the investigation and gain a more comprehensive understanding of criminal networks.

Cut through the noise

Faced with ever-expanding volumes of internet data, it can be difficult for investigators to find the information they need. Consulting all the relevant sources manually is time-consuming and risks overlooking crucial data. Videris empowers analysts to spend less time collecting data and more time conducting vital social network analysis by providing tools that increase the efficiency of the data collection process.

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Stop criminals in their tracks

Use a criminal’s online presence to get a comprehensive understanding of their social network. Videris is intuitive to use, making social network analysis more accessible to a wider range of teams. What’s more, investigations within Videris are fully auditable, making it easy to report your findings reliably and accurately.

How Videris Works

Connect with
your tools & systems

Videris seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and can be used alongside other tools. Plus, you can quickly import and access your internal data from within Videris.

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Reveal the full context behind social networks

Consult multiple sources and visualise your findings within one platform to get a more comprehensive understanding of criminal social networks and their activity.

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Create actionable intelligence

Leverage open source data securely and reliably to create actionable intelligence on subjects of interest and fight crime more effectively.

Videris Aids Investigative Teams Across a Wide Range of Applications

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Organised Crime

Understand the networks that are key to organised crime efforts, quickly. Identify targets in both a proactive and reactive manner.

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Border Crime

Disrupt international human, drug and wildlife trafficking with advanced network analysis and visualisations. Incorporate multiple sources to get a full view.

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Counter Terrorism

Understand social networks and the threat they represent fast. Find your subject’s closest connections and take action quickly.

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Disinformation Warfare

Scrutinise online content, media reports and digital communications, and quickly understand their reach and the networks distributing them.

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Identify the criminals behind online fraud by searching usernames, phone numbers and email addresses across publicly available social media.

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Enhanced Vetting

In sensitive situations, such as law enforcement, vet prospective personnel and their affiliations to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of your staff.