Achieve 5 days’ worth of investigative work
in 1 day

Harness the power of open source data and identify hidden risks with one tool. Visualise critical information and generate reports instantly with Videris – a complete investigations platform.

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What Our Clients Say

Are You Using OSINT Effectively?

Open source intelligence (OSINT) has become crucial in investigations into: fraud, money laundering, terrorism, trafficking and more – with its usage backed by regulators, governments and law enforcement worldwide.

However, dealing with huge volumes of online information can be overwhelming for investigators. And simple oversights, often due to inefficient manual practices, can result in severe financial and reputational damage.

Investigators need a quick, secure and effective way of turning vast amounts of unstructured online and offline data into useful intelligence.

The solution? Videris OSINT investigations platform.

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Your entire intelligence cycle in one place

Originally developed for military and government use, Videris enables greater collaboration amongst investigation teams in both the private and public sectors. Carry out each of the 5 phases of the intelligence cycle: planning, collection, processing, analysis and reporting – from one secure hub.

Gain an information advantage

Time is often lost to inefficient manual processes such as collecting and analysing data from disparate sources. Instead, leverage intelligent automation and automate low-skilled processes, enabling investigators to spend more time drawing valuable insights.

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Protect your organisation

When gathering intelligence, anonymity and security are crucial – especially when browsing online. Gain seamless access to the surface, deep and dark web without compromising investigations. Plus, extract insights ethically without tipping off subjects.

How Videris Works

Connects with
your tools & systems

Videris seamlessly integrates with your existing case management systems and more. Plus, you can quickly import and access your internal and shared data sources from within Videris.

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Share notes &

generate reports

Save time collating and writing reports. Auto-capture unstructured text and images with full sources. Make and share notes and get input from key stakeholders. Then, attach these shared insights to auto-generated reports.

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Reveal the full context

behind investigations

Videris enables you to quickly understand the full context behind individuals, businesses and locations. Map corporate and social networks to develop an even more nuanced understanding of risk.

Videris Aids Investigative Teams Across a Wide Range of Applications

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Counter-terrorism & organised crime

Understand the networks that are key to organised crime efforts, quickly. Identify targets in both a proactive and reactive manner.

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Fraud & anti-financial crime

Enable investigators to spend less time switching between disparate tools and more time analysing illicit financial activity. A single pane of glass for AML, fraud and other financial crime investigations.

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Brand protection & insider threats

Use OSINT proactively to protect your brand and greatly reduce the risk of incidents occurring. Adopt an intelligence-based approach when screening and investigating new hires, insider threats and fraud.

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Network analysis

Explore key structures, behaviours, and properties of networks within Videris. Automate time-consuming data cleaning and preprocessing. And free up investigators to focus on interpretation and analysis.

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Bribery & corruption

Accelerate evidence gathering and analysis. Quickly identify potential conflicts of interest and regulatory violations with Videris’ leading OSINT capabilities. Plus, save time when presenting to stakeholders with auto-generated reports and visualisations.