Uncover Criminal Activity Up to 5X Faster

Conduct entire OSINT investigations from one platform. Improve the accuracy, depth and security of your investigations – and reveal criminal activity hiding in plain sight.

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Police & Law Enforcement

Expand and simplify OSINT operations for secure, repeatable and fast investigations.

  • Use pre-approved public data sources to capture evidence you can rely on.
  • Accelerate investigations with intelligent automation.
  • Identify hidden connections with social network analysis and visualisation.
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Government Agencies

Speed up OSINT data capture and analysis to maximise situational awareness and threat identification.

  • Centralise OSINT operations. Search across all of your data sources using a single tool.
  • Quickly understand threats and identify bad actors with relationship strength analysis and automated visualisation.
  • Conduct thorough, global risk analysis using multi-lingual contextual searching.

Why Videris for government agencies and law enforcement?

Governments use Videris to enhance their ability to combat a variety of national security threats.

Automate slow manual tasks, enabling the analyst to do more, much faster - radically increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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Never miss a connection

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Serious & Organised Crime

Uncover hidden connections and identify collusion to disrupt criminal networks. 

Easily capture and record evidence, sources and screenshots – even if it disappears from the internet.

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Border Crime Protection

Disrupt international human, drug and wildlife trafficking with advanced network analysis and visualisations. 

Use integrated corporate records to better understand complex global structures behind criminal activity.

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Counter Terrorism

Identify funding patterns, hidden networks and threats at speed. 

Map connections, apply location filtering and analyse relationship strength, fast. Find your subject's closest connections and take action quickly.

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Identify the criminals behind malicious targeting of vulnerable citizens. Search usernames, phone numbers and email addresses across publicly available social media and forums to find the real-life identities behind fraudsters.

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Social Network Analysis

Build and validate comprehensive profiles of criminal connections. Plus quickly identify networks and collusion using a range of data sources – including publicly available social media.

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Disinformation Warfare

Scrutinise online content, media reports, and digital communications. Map sources, distribution networks, and the reach of misinformation campaigns so you can quickly take action.

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Economic Crime

Quickly identify signs of money laundering, sanctions breaches and other financial crimes.  Cross-reference OSINT curated sources – from one platform. Understand corporate records data fast with intuitive visualisation.

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Enhanced Police Vetting

Quickly vet prospective police officers. Validate identities and affiliations to ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of your law enforcement personnel.