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Videris accelerates the day-to-day activities of investigators in government agencies and law enforcement. It allows you to conduct your whole OSINT investigation from one platform, with the added benefits of increased speed, accuracy and security.

Why Videris for government agencies and law enforcement?

Governments use Videris to enhance their ability to combat a variety of national security threats.

Automate slow manual tasks, enabling the analyst to do more, much faster - radically increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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Use cases

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Serious and organised crime

  •  Videris helps investigator to understand the networks that are key to organised crime efforts.
  • Pull back data from multiple sources, then map all in one place, so it’s simple to compare and spot connections between data types.
  • Easily record evidence by capturing sources and screenshots even if it disappears from the internet.

Border crime

  • Find and disrupt international people and narcotics trafficking networks using advanced network visualisation and analysis tools.
  • Use integrated corporate records to understand the complex global structures behind these crimes.
  • Intuitive visualisations help the investigator to identify connections and patterns.
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Counter terrorism

  • Fighting terrorism means understanding networks and risks at lightning-quick speed. Videris makes this possible.
  • Rapid network mapping makes it easy to identify targets and their networks.
  • Location filtering and relationship strength analysis helps the investigator to find a subject’s closest connections.