How Videris Investigations Software Helps Governments

Videris accelerates the day-to-day activities of investigators in government agencies and law enforcement. It allows you to conduct your whole OSINT investigation from one platform, with the added benefits of increased speed, accuracy and security.

Why Videris for government agencies and law enforcement?

Governments use Videris to enhance their ability to combat a variety of national security threats.



Videris is user-driven but uses intelligent automation to speed up manual tasks - like drawing connections, checking multiple data sources or locating hard-to-find profiles.




Videris ensures that investigators can accurately analyse large amounts of relevant content. It’s much harder to miss an important detail - hidden links and similarities that would normally be hard to spot are highlighted.


Videris helps investigators control their online footprint, whatever sources they need to look at. It can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, depending on requirements. 


Videris makes it simple to establish a process for investigations. It’s easy to report in a consistent way, record all of your sourcing and guarantee auditability.

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Use cases

  • Networks are key to organised crime efforts. Videris helps you to understand who’s involved.
  • Pull back data from multiple sources, then map all in one place, so it’s simple to compare and spot connections between data types. 
  • Easily record evidence by capturing sources and screenshots - even if it disappears later.
  • Connections to sanctioned entities can be hidden in layers of hard-to-understand corporate networks.
  • Use integrated corporate records to find these connections. Clear visualisations make it easy to trace corporate networks back to their UBO.
  • PEPs are automatically flagged so it’s easy to spot individuals and companies that might be sanctioned.
  • Fighting terrorism means understanding networks and risks at lightning-quick speed. Videris makes this possible.
  • Super-fast network mapping makes it easy to identify targets and their networks.
  • Use location filtering and relationship strength analysis to find their closest connections.
  • Connecting different data sources helps to find state actors. 
  • Quickly identify relevant adverse media - Videris prioritises key risks.
  • Map out corporate records and automatically see matches to names in global risk databases.
  • Anomalies are more obvious in interactive visualisations.
  • Resolve unexplained wealth by quickly finding and mapping all of an individual’s connections to businesses.
  • Use social media to prove links to people, countries and businesses in fraud investigations.

A Success Story

“Over the past three years we have used Videris to map out global smuggling networks in support of [brand integrity] investigations. Our analysts from government investigative backgrounds immediately recognized Videris as a force-multiplier, making them many times more efficient at exploiting huge quantities of open source information. That efficiency is the only way our organization can do what it needs to. Features like native language searching and translation and near-automatic building of source packages to provide evidentiary chain contribute to this efficiency, but the ability to make connections over huge amounts of data, collected over a long period of time, is where Videris has really made a difference, allowing our team to build out global networks that would never have otherwise been discoverable through open source information. It’s no exaggeration to say that we have built our business on Videris.”

CEO, Global Risk Consultancy