Fight fraud more effectively with OSINT

Criminals are using the internet to conceal their identities and conduct increasingly complex fraud on a huge scale. Don’t let them get ahead - use online data to reveal criminal networks and prevent fraud with Videris, a complete OSINT solution.

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What Our Clients Say

How are you using online data to prevent fraud?

Criminals are using the internet to their advantage, so anti-financial crime professionals should too. With fraud growing in complexity, investigators need to use all the sources available to them. This means that professionals who are relying on a single fraud database for quick checks and neglecting to use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) risk missing key information which could reveal a criminal’s true identity or uncover the larger networks involved in fraud.

However, conducting OSINT manually is time-consuming, error-prone and risky, especially when investigators must access sources like the dark web. To overcome these challenges and prevent fraud more effectively, investigators need a software solution that allows them to securely access all the data sources they need and understand networks rapidly.

The solution? Videris OSINT investigations platform.

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Stop criminals in their tracks.

Speed is important in fraud investigations, if funds are to be recovered and further crimes stopped. With Videris, uncover the real identity of criminals more rapidly, and gather evidence securely from a range of sources to support your findings.

Securely gain a fuller picture.

Simply relying on internal data alongside disparate databases isn’t enough – in order to prevent fraud effectively, investigators must use all the sources available to them. Collecting and comparing data from disparate sources allows investigators to gain a full picture of an instance of fraud, but doing so manually is highly time-consuming and error-prone. Videris brings an investigator’s entire workflow into one place, empowering them to analyse multiple data sources simultaneously and revealing additional context.

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Uncover criminal networks to prevent fraud.

Increasingly, criminals committing fraud are working as part of larger networks. Once you’ve uncovered a criminal responsible for an instance of fraud, explore their wider network with Videris to reveal who else is involved.

How Videris Works

Connect with
your tools & systems

Videris seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and can be used alongside other tools. Plus, you can quickly import and access your internal data from within Videris, allowing you to unlock deeper insights.

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Reveal the full context behind investigations

Review and analyse a wide range of sources to uncover criminals’ identities and networks. Focus on the most important parts of an investigation, streamlining the process for better outcomes.

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Prevent future instances of fraud

By empowering investigators to dig deeper and get to the centre of an investigation faster, Videris helps to identify wider networks involved in fraudulent acts and prevent further criminal activity.

Videris Aids Investigative Teams Across a Wide Range of Applications

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Tax & Benefits Fraud

Detect and prevent fraud by analysing a subject’s lifestyle to see if it aligns with previous intelligence.

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Tenancy Fraud

Start an investigation with names, phone numbers, addresses and more. Build an understanding of potential criminals in a few minutes.

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Companies House Fraud

Rapidly gain a holistic understanding of a company, see who is connected to it, and assess its legitimacy.

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Investment Fraud

Track a criminal’s digital footprint using live internet data and uncover the wider networks involved.

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Counter-Terrorist Financing

More and more terrorists are using fraud to fund their activities – stop them in their tracks by gaining a rapid understanding of the people and networks behind fraud.

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Uncover the identity of criminals by searching an email address to find its associated online accounts.