How Videris Works

Here are some of the questions we’re often asked by new customers. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat with you about how Videris can work in your organisation.

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Licensing and deployment

  • We charge per licence - this means one concurrent user. However, you can have an unlimited number of users registered, they just can’t all use the software at the same time.
  • Our costs include full user training and fantastic support from our dedicated support team. 
  • We can deploy Videris on-premises or in cloud infrastructure. When you decide that you’d like to go ahead we will talk to your IT department and work out the best solution for your organisation and needs.
  • Installation time varies depending on your requirements and environment. However, most customers are able to install Videris within a few hours or days.
  • No, Videris requires standard hardware that almost all organisations already have.


  • Open source data is exactly what it sounds like – information that’s open for anyone to access on the internet. There’s a huge amount of it available, it’s free and very useful when you’re trying to find out more about an individual, a company, or someone’s connections. Examples of open source data include corporate records, media reporting, open social media and domain registration information.  
  • One of the problems with using open source data is the amount of manual work involved for investigators. The quantity of data available can be overwhelming and it can be hard to find the most relevant sources to your investigation. And, because there’s so much of it, the connections that open source data reveals can be hard to spot. 
  • Videris is designed to help you overcome this problem and make the most of open source data. 
  • No, we can’t see any of your data. All Videris data resides on your infrastructure and Blackdot has no access to it.
  • We integrate with a range of sources that you probably already use in your daily work - as well as some that you may not yet have heard of, but could find useful. These include:
    • Search engines
    • Corporate records: Companies House, Open Corporates and more
    • Social media providers
    • Website and domain information
    • Phone number information
    • Mapping data
    • Contact aggregators
  • Premium data sources are sources provided by external suppliers at an additional cost. We select them specifically to provide high-quality data that is valuable to many of our customers and cannot be found using free online sources.
  • Our premium data sources include:
  • If you’d like a full list of data sources please get in touch.
  • Although Videris is predominantly designed to deal with internet data, you can import your own data from a CSV or JSON file. You can then take advantage of the opportunity to combine internet and internal data, with the added benefit of Videris analytics and visualisation tools.
  • Yes, there are a number of ways to export data from Videris.
  • Charts showing connections can be exported into a PDF format.
  • Lists of entities and relationships can also be exported in a CSV format.
  • Notes and charts can also be compiled into a report format. 
  • No, all sources can be turned on or off depending on your organisation’s policy and requirements. 
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  • Videris does not automate entire investigations, but rather augments the ability of the user. We use sophisticated technologies which make use of intelligent automation, robotic process automation and natural language processing to do this.
  • We believe that the nuance and judgement required in research and investigations are best left to the user.
  • This means that Videris offers special tools to allow the user to get to the answer they need faster, but doesn’t make decisions on their behalf. 
  • Videris is designed specifically with team working in mind.
  • Team members have the advantage of being able to work on their own charts and searches while retaining access to all of the information in an investigation. It’s simple to pass information between team members, even if they aren’t co-located.
  • Yes, Videris is totally language and script independent.
  • It also offers tools such as language detection and machine translation. These allow users to conduct research in unfamiliar languages and scripts.

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