Videris Investigations Software

Videris has too many features to list, but here are some of the highlights. All of this functionality is combined in a single platform, so you can concentrate on your investigation, not switching between different sources and visualisation tools.

What you can do with Videris

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Videris Search

Save time by searching across all of your sources at once and bringing all the results back into one platform. Intelligently prioritise results using context, then easily navigate through them .Videris will automatically categorise results by theme, source and more. Risk terms are also highlighted, so it’s hard to miss any vital information.


Videris Charts

Complex networks are difficult to understand if you can’t see them. Videris Charts make it easier by mapping the information you’ve found in an interactive chart and highlighting potential hidden links. They're also useful for presenting to your colleagues and clients.

Corporate Network Mapping

Videris efficiently produces visual representations of corporate structures. This saves time, makes them easily understandable and highlights any connections. 


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Social Media Tools

Social media is a rich source of information about individuals and their networks. Videris helps you to map and understand connections while conducting all of your searches securely.

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Cross Matching

Don't miss an important link: similarities between names, addresses and other data are flagged.

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Videris Browser

It’s easy for mistakes to happen when you’re trying to browse securely – and you don’t want to risk revealing your identity. Videris Browser gives you the certainty that you’re untraceable, wherever you browse. Key terms in your investigation are even highlighted in the browser to help you spot important points. Automated sourcing that integrates with Videris Notes allows you to see where your findings have come from.


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Videris Notes

Notes allow you to quickly record your findings as you investigate, then export them into a report at the end of your investigation, saving you time when producing reports. 



Working with lots of different data sources can be slow and leaves you open to mistakes. Videris lets you work with your most important data sources - including internal databases - from one platform.


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Flexible Deployment

When it comes to deployment, security is the top priority. Videris can be hosted in the cloud or on a corporate or standalone network according to your needs. Our team will help to ensure that Videris works within your infrastructure.


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