Where is Videris used?

Our investigations software is a great solution for large organisations that need to conduct targeted investigations into people, companies or connections. 

If you’re already using open source intelligence (OSINT) as part of your investigations you’ll find that Videris saves you time while giving greater insights. If you’d like to start using OSINT, Videris is the best software available to help you build a secure and effective investigations process.

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London Banking


As regulators get stricter and money launderers get more sophisticated, money laundering is an even greater risk. Using open source information will transform your ability to resolve AML and other types of financial crime investigations.

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Videris vastly speeds up the day-to-day activities of investigators in government agencies and law enforcement. It allows you to conduct your whole OSINT investigation from one platform, with the added benefits of increased speed, accuracy and security.

London Corporate Buildings


Open source information enhances major corporates’ investigations ability, helping them to get answers to important business problems. Videris provides an ethical, auditable, proportional and fast way of doing this.

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Professional Services

Videris helps analysts in professional services companies to complete projects faster and deliver more value to their clients in less time. It brings all your sources together and gives much greater insights.

A Success Story

“Over the past three years we have used Videris to map out global smuggling networks in support of [brand integrity] investigations. Our analysts from government investigative backgrounds immediately recognized Videris as a force-multiplier, making them many times more efficient at exploiting huge quantities of open source information. That efficiency is the only way our organization can do what it needs to. Features like native language searching and translation and near-automatic building of source packages to provide evidentiary chain contribute to this efficiency, but the ability to make connections over huge amounts of data, collected over a long period of time, is where Videris has really made a difference, allowing our team to build out global networks that would never have otherwise been discoverable through open source information. It’s no exaggeration to say that we have built our business on Videris.”

CEO, Global Risk Consultancy