AML and Financial Crime Investigations Software for Banking

Using open source information will transform your ability to resolve Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and other types of financial crime investigations. Videris brings consistency, transparency and accuracy to these investigations.

Why open source for AML software?

The cost of AML errors is growing. Failure to prevent money laundering can lead to huge fines, as well as reputational costs. At the same time, deadlines for reporting suspicious activity are getting shorter. 

Compliance isn’t enough. As techniques for money laundering evolve, database cross-checks aren’t enough to stop it. Analysts need a real understanding of their subject and the context of their investigation.

Open source information is expanding. The amount of information in publicly available sources is constantly growing and can help you to develop a full understanding of an individual. Failing to use this public information is hard to defend to regulators.

Why Videris for AML?

Videris enables your team to use open source information securely to resolve difficult AML investigations. It’s used by analysts in banks to investigate customers and counter-parties. Videris helps to overcome the main challenges of using open source information in financial crime investigations.


Intelligent automation of manual tasks lets the analyst do more, much faster - radically increasing productivity and reducing costs.


Helps to identify and analyse relevant content, enabling active identification of risk - not just box-ticking. 


Analysts can control their online footprint, remain secure and be untraceable throughout investigations.


Complete sourcing, logging, auditability and standardised reporting mean that decisions can be easily explained. 

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How is Videris unique?

  • Videris is effective for AML investigations where an understanding of the underlying facts is essential.
  • Videris automates wherever possible, using robotic process automation. But it lets the analyst make decisions whenever human judgment is required.
  • Intelligent automation supports - but doesn’t replace - the analyst-centric approach needed to make and explain decisions in high-value investigations.
  • Brings diverse online data sources into one platform, integrating premium data sources with free online content and even internal sources.
  • Enables a contextualised view of a subject in a short time and ensures key information isn’t missed. 

Improve outcomes


Maximise efficiency

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Avoid redundancy of effort


Keep all data in one place

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Integrate with internal and third-party systems

A Success Story

“Over the past three years we have used Videris to map out global smuggling networks in support of [brand integrity] investigations. Our analysts from government investigative backgrounds immediately recognized Videris as a force-multiplier, making them many times more efficient at exploiting huge quantities of open source information. That efficiency is the only way our organization can do what it needs to. Features like native language searching and translation and near-automatic building of source packages to provide evidentiary chain contribute to this efficiency, but the ability to make connections over huge amounts of data, collected over a long period of time, is where Videris has really made a difference, allowing our team to build out global networks that would never have otherwise been discoverable through open source information. It’s no exaggeration to say that we have built our business on Videris.”

CEO, Global Risk Consultancy