Financial Crime Investigations and Anti-Money Laundering Platform

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AFC investigations require access to the maximum relevant data, and the technology to make sense of it quickly. Commercial databases and internal information are critical - but, without access to the live internet, investigations are hugely constrained.

Videris transforms the efficiency and effectiveness of AFC and AML investigations by helping investigators to collect from and understand the widest range of relevant information. Improve your ability to identify and investigate risk.

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AML Compliance isn’t enough

As techniques for money laundering evolve, database cross-checks aren’t enough to stop it. Analysts need a real understanding of their subject and the context of their investigation.

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Open source information is expanding

The amount of information in publicly available sources is constantly growing and can help you to develop a full understanding of an individual. Failing to use this public information is hard to defend to regulators.

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Videris has supported the strengthening of our Financial Crime investigation function by providing us with more enhanced OSINT capabilities that enable our investigators to identify risks faster.

Marjo Pikkukangas
Group Head of Suspicious Activity Reporting at Danske Bank

Why Videris for AFC and AML Investigations?

Automate slow manual tasks, enabling the analyst to do more, much faster - radically increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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How is Videris Unique?

Single end to end Platform

Single end-to-end platform

The investigator can collect, analyse and report on diverse data sources, including the internet, commercial databases and internal data, all in one place – delivering a single investigative view and increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Live unstructured data

Brings live, unstructured data to the enterprise

Live internet data can be combined with structured third party and internal data for maximum insight.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation speeds up time-consuming manual processes, enabling the investigator to focus on higher-value activities and supports human decision-making.

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Your expert partner in the use of open source data

Blackdot delivers industry-leading anti-money laundering software and an expert perspective on how to integrate open source information into your investigative workflow. We work with investigations teams to deploy Videris and achieve tangible improvements in four areas.



  • Reduce cyber complexity with single point of access to open source data.
  • Professionalise investigations with secure, consistent, transparent process and tools.
  • Enable business by resolving cases more accurately and in much quicker time.


  • Business process transformation across AFC.
  • Enhance existing regulatory AML compliance / anticipate future requirements.
  • Increase effectiveness in the fight against financial crime.


  • Increase efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of AML, AFC, Fraud & Compliance teams by working five times faster.
  • Work seamlessly across languages, data sets and geo boundaries.


  • Efficiency and productivity gains drive fast time to value.
  • Analysts focus more on risk management, less on administrative tasks.
  • Scale and adapt to the modern threat of financial crime.