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Videris financial investigations software enables financial crime professionals to conduct the best possible investigation of suspicious transactions and high risk entities. It is a critical resource in the fight against financial crime.

Videris forms a key component of a risk-based compliance and financial crime architecture, and can be applied throughout the life-cycle of a case from early stage triage to in-depth investigation. Videris provides banks with the confidence that high risk situations can be solved to the highest possible standards with maximum efficiency.

Our technical standards, approach to security and client service make Videris the natural choice for the world’s leading financial institutions.

The Most Powerful Investigative Functionality in the World

In-Depth Investigation

Videris is without rival as financial investigations software for analysts conducting in-depth investigation to resolve high-risk transactions. Videris provides a full suite of data collection and analysis tools to enable the resolution of the most complex and concerning cases.

Videris enables analysts to triage suspicious transactions accurately and rapidly before promoting appropriate cases to the next level of investigation all within Videris.

Blackdot works in partnership with clients to customise Videris to ensure their capability is specific to their workflows.

Videris Notes

Security and Ease of Adoption

Operational Security

Videris financial investigations software includes a full suite of features to ensure anonymity and maintain the confidentiality of your operation. You retain absolute control of your data and do not share it with Blackdot or any third party.

Videris is an end-to-end platform used by analysts at all stages of an investigation. It can be deployed as a stand-alone capability but it is also often required to query internal systems.

Videris provides a single, auditable environment for all investigative activity allowing management to monitor performance and ensure compliance standards.


There are a number of tangible benefits from Videris that are delivering clear financial returns for our customers.


Unique security features mask the location of the user and hide searches from the subject of the research


Analysts work five times faster using Videris than traditional methods and with greater accuracy. This allows the analyst to explore many additional avenues within the same time frame.  Videris also supports team working, as research can be shared and divided between users.


Saving money on staff costs; by using Videris clients have transformed capability without adding to head count.

Access Control

Access to Videris is controlled through account management by the Videris administrator.


Data is held in a single, auditable environment, assisting compliance and reducing time spent away from core tasks.

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