Webinar: The Implications of the EU AML Plan for Financial Intelligence

In July 2021, the EU put forward a radical set of proposals to overhaul their AML/CTF regime. Media coverage has focused on the towlines of the regulatory measures, such as a new pan-EU AML agency, a new AML directive, and a single rule book for the private sector. But there is much more to the plan than that, with a tone that marks something of sea-change in the EU’s approach, and an underlying stress on the value of proactivity, data, intelligence and new technologies.

As the plan nears full approval and implementation, we look at its potential impact and implications for how firms should identify and manage AML, CTF, sanctions and other forms of financial crime risk, and what value OSINT technologies can bring.

This webinar is a must-attend for financial crime investigations and intelligence professionals who want to gain a better understanding of these measures and learn how to implement practical changes to ensure compliance with the new regime.

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