The Future of OSINT


21st March 2023 | 16:30-19:30 GMT


White Collar Factory, Old Street

In a world where both data volumes and risks are increasing every minute, organisations must use every resource at their disposal to identify risk and fight crime. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) allows businesses to use publicly available data to understand and minimise risk.

With the value of OSINT on the rise, we’re bringing together investigators, intelligence professionals, compliance and financial crime fighters to explore the future of OSINT investigations. We’ll be discussing how Open Source Intelligence is evolving, best practices for its use in every sector and how new technologies can support investigators in overcoming common OSINT challenges.

Why attend?

  • Be the first to hear how Blackdot has developed a solution that combines AI and OSINT to ensure the rapid identification of risk at scale - as well as faster, more effective complex investigations.
  • Learn from a panel of industry experts, who will share how OSINT and investigative journalism are solving pressing societal problems like financial crime (full details below).
  • Network with leading investigations and intelligence professionals; share experiences, tips and more.
  • Meet the experts: live demo stations to explore current and roadmap capabilities and see how OSINT technology can impact your business.

Panel: The Role of Data Leaks and Investigative Journalism in the Fight Against Financial Crime

We’re delighted to be hosting an esteemed panel of experts to discuss how investigative reporting by organisations like the OCCRP and the ICIJ (and their partners) has transformed the ability of OSINT professionals to investigate fraud, corruption, money laundering and other financial crimes.

The panel will consider the impact that the rise of illicit finance-focused reporting and high profile data leaks (such as the P-Papers, FinCEN Files, SuisseSecrets and more) have had on investigations and intelligence activities, and how these sources can be leveraged to address complex threats and risks.

Can't attend live? We'll be streaming some parts of The Future of OSINT virtually - simply select the 'virtual' option on registration.

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Industry speakers:


Simon Bowers

Investigations Editor, Finance Uncovered

Simon is an investigative journalist who specialises in follow-the-money investigations and working in cross-border media collaborations. He spent 19 years at The Guardian before a 4 year spell as European Coordinator for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Simon now works for Finance Uncovered, where he supports and collaborates with media in the Global South, and in countries with a challenging media landscape.

Simon has worked on some of the largest international collaborative journalism projects of the last decade, including Panama Papers, LuxLeaks, Pandora Papers and FinCEN Files.
His reporting has been published by Le Monde, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Trouw, El Confidencial, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, OCCRP, the British Medical Journal, BBC, Re:Baltica and many other leading media outlets.

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Ray Blake

Director, Dark Money Files

Since 1985, Ray has worked for or advised banks and regulators – including NatWest, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, the FCA – on AML/CTF and financial crime issues. He also co-hosts The Dark Money Files podcast with fellow financial crime expert, Graham Barrow. Ray works to raise awareness of the impact of illicit finance and has provided guidance to media organisations and journalists on a number of stories involving banking scandals and high profile data leaks.


Nick Lewis

Managing Director, High Risk Client Unit - FCC, Standard Chartered Bank

Prior to joining the banking sector in 2016, Nick spent over 30 years in UK law enforcement, leading several significant operations – in collaboration with international partners – focused on transnational organised crime. He has extensive experience working with public and private bodies to develop effective strategies to reduce and tackle the harm caused by organised crime activity.

In 2013, Nick was awarded the National Intelligence Medallion by the US Government - the highest award available to a non-US citizen. Nick was also awarded an OBE in HM Queen’s 2014 New Year’s Honours list, for “services to international law and order”.
He is an adviser to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a member of the UK Finance Information and Intelligence Committee, represents industry on a number of UK Economic Crime reform programmes, and is a board member of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime.

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Blackdot speakers:


Charles Brown

Head of Community, Blackdot Solutions

At Blackdot, Charles connects the global community of investigations and intelligence professionals with Blackdot’s transformative technology. Prior to joining Blackdot in 2018, Charles spent over a decade in the risk consultancy sector helping banks, large corporates, Governments, law firms and family offices to address a range of complex threats and risks. Charles’ work has seen him conduct investigations in over 20 countries involving complex due diligence, fraud, corruption, extortion, money laundering, and asset tracing.


Stuart Clarke

Head of Product, Blackdot Solutions

Stuart is an internationally respected investigations and cybersecurity expert with extensive business management, consultancy, and leadership expertise. He has advised the United Nations’ peak cybersecurity body ITU and led the product strategy of several award-winning cybersecurity and investigation solutions. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a BSc (Hons) in Computer Forensics.

Join us on March 21st, for expert insights to inform your investigative practice.