For Global Corporates

Videris corporate investigations software offers a single solution to radically upgrade the way major corporates conduct investigations. Whether it is hosted in a single department or is shared across several, Videris provides the capability to conduct investigations very quickly, to the highest standards with a small team. Even a single analyst using Videris and hosted in a security or investigations team can provide rapid response to issues and serve a number of clients across the corporation.

Corporate Security

Global corporations use Videris to enhance their capability and efficiency in a number of corporate security areas.  Examples of these include:

Investigating threats directed at either the organisation, employees or facilities. Investigations can follow many themes such as determining the identity of individuals posting threats online and determining the credibility of any threats. Unlike social media monitoring tools, Videris allows the user to conduct a detailed and proactive social media based investigation to resolve the real world identity of a given threat actor.

Conducting online security audits of executives and new senior hires. The tool is used to locate all information for the subject which could be accessible in open sources to hostile actors. In one example, Videris identified detailed images and plans of an executive’s home as well as information on family members. As a result, the company was able to take proactive steps to manage this vulnerability.

Using Videris to understand protest movements, online campaigns, IP theft, hacking and blackmail. In a recent example a Videris customer successfully identified the ringleaders of an aggressive protest movement making specific threats to their staff and property and found actionable opportunities to address the threat.

Investigating sensitive concerns from HR on an employee and/or screening potential employees for sensitive positions. Videris has been used to uncover an employee’s connection to corporate rivals following suspicions that they may be passing IP and details of sensitive business decisions outside of the company. Equally, following concerns raised by HR on an employee’s behaviour, Videris is often used to identify social media accounts used by the employee to damage their employer’s reputation or which have revealed links to extremist organisations.

Fraud & Illicit Trade

Major corporations are using Videris as their principal tool for investigating fraud, counterfeiting and illicit trade.

Identify the source and supply of counterfeit goods both domestically and internationally. Real world identities are unmasked and target criminal networks can be mapped and visualised. Law enforcement have made arrests on intelligence generated from Videris which have identified networks of criminals, their supply routes and storage facilities containing counterfeit goods.

Identify unauthorised and unlicensed retailers selling a customer’s products illicitly. Explore potential insider involvement.

Videris is used to resolve the identity of individuals connected to fraudulent activity. In one such example, a client had identified a number of suspects who had sufficient access to commit the fraud. Using Videris they were able identify a link between one suspect and a known party to the fraud, via second degree social media connectivity which would have been near impossible to detect manually.

Legal & Compliance

Videris is used in law firms and legal departments in major corporates to assist in litigation support, legal discovery and broader due diligence and compliance activity.

Videris returns rapid results on in-depth DD enquires on intermediaries, clients and suppliers, allowing the legal team to make a fast and comprehensive assessment of any risk or exposure. Using the full range of data sources, a fast review of commercial engagements and potential acquisitions can be achieved.

An out of the box integration with a leading E-Discovery platform, Relativity enables enhanced review and assessment by means of cross referencing with the full range of online sources available through Videris.

The legal departments of many of our corporate clients use Videris to assist with the numerous compliance requirements required around new hires, conflict of interest checks, counterparty due diligence and sensitive internal investigations. In one sensitive investigation conducted by an in-house legal department, where sensitive information had been leaked to a journalist.  Videris was used to identify, by means of complex social media network analysis, a suspect list of three employees who had access to both the information and the journalist concerned. This enabled a more targeted forensic discovery exercise to be conducted.

Return on Investment

There are a number of tangible benefits from Videris corporate investigations software that deliver clear financial returns for our customers.


Analysts work five times faster using Videris than traditional methods and with greater accuracy. This allows the analyst to explore many more avenues within the same time frame.

Offer Services

Ability to offer rapid best-in-class investigative services to a wide range of customers within the corporation, including Legal, HR, Business Development, C-Suite and Security.

Less outsourcing

Reducing amount paid to external vendors.


Saving money on staff costs; by using Videris clients have transformed capability without adding to head count.


Data is held in a single, auditable environment, assisting compliance and reducing time spent away from core tasks.

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