For Government Agencies


Videris government investigations software provides intelligence analysts with the ability to conduct rapid and comprehensive open source investigations into a full range of threats including national security, economic crime and serious & organised crime. Videris provides a step change in OSINT capability, whether directed against an individual, business or network.

National Security

Government agencies are using Videris to enhance their ability to combat a variety of national security threats.

Counter Terrorism

Explore an individual’s social media and rapidly map their online network of associates. Geolocation filtering of connected profiles to individuals in locations of interest with further analysis to determine their closest associates.

Map the corporate network of a company suspected of being used by a country to evade international sanctions.  Identify directors and subsidiaries with links to weaker legal jurisdictions that are used to mask the true ownership of a company. Conduct powerful searches to return all global press reporting on the company, detailing any public reporting on its business activities used to cover its proliferation.

Investigate concerns with an employee and/or screen potential employees for sensitive positions.  All web content, including postings and social media attributed to the employee can be identified and reviewed for connections to individuals or activities of concern.  Videris will automatically highlight any risk terms to the reviewer.

Serious & Organised Crime

Videris is used by agencies to investigate complex networks of criminals using social media, corporate records and web content with evidential capture.

Counter Narcotics

Map social media and business interests of individuals suspected of selling illegal substances to learn their associates who may also be involved in the criminality and businesses which may be used to launder the proceeds.

Identify known suspects through social media or corporate records and construct complex, cross-database networks to identify key group members.

Identify individuals known to obtain, share, store or use illegal firearms through unstructured web content – e.g. forum posts, blogs etc. – alongside social media and corporate records to uncover hidden networks of buyers and sellers.

Economic Crime

Videris utilises specialised risk searches and sanctions databases to supplement the identification of anomalies within corporate networks.

Tax Evasion

Use social media and premium corporate data to identify unexplained wealth and connections to businesses. Establish connections to jurisdictions known to be used for tax avoidance that may also be identified alongside leaked documents made available by the ICIJ.

Analyse social media and company data to uncover connections between individuals suspected of fraud.  Resolve the real world identities of individuals and businesses masking their fraudulent activities.

Identify businesses connected to the suspect launder through searches of company records.  Find the social media accounts of the suspect where key associates are identified.  Find businesses connected to these individuals which may be used for further laundering.


There are a number of tangible benefits from Videris that are delivering operational advantages.


Unique security features mask the location of the user and hide searches from the subject of the research


Analysts work five times faster using Videris than traditional methods and with greater accuracy. This allows the analyst to explore many additional avenues within the same time frame.  Videris also supports team working, as research can be shared and divided between users.


Saving money on staff costs; by using Videris clients have transformed capability without adding to head count.

Access Control

Access to Videris is controlled through account management by the Videris administrator.


Data is held in a single, auditable environment, assisting compliance and reducing time spent away from core tasks.

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