Blackdot welcomes Stuart Clarke as Head of Product

By Blackdot Solutions

Blackdot Solutions Head of Product

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    We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Stuart Clarke as our new Head of Product. 

    Stuart is an internationally respected investigations and cybersecurity expert who has led the development of several innovations and product initiatives in this area. Having started his career as an investigator, Stuart went on to advise the United Nations’ cybersecurity body ITU and provide training for over 60 national CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams). He led the product strategy of several award-winning cybersecurity and investigation solutions at Nuix.

    Stuart brings extensive business management, leadership and investigative expertise to the Head of Product role at Blackdot. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a BSc(Hons) in Computer Forensics, and has published several industry-recognized white papers in the areas of Investigations, cybersecurity and GRC. 

    “Investigators are facing increasingly complex challenges – data is spread across a growing number of different sources which they must consolidate and interpret manually to reveal meaningful intelligence”, says Stuart. “Supporting the investigations community in solving some of its most difficult problems has long been a passion of mine and I believe our core platform Videris is part of this solution. Videris enables investigators to overcome common barriers and scale their capacity by breaking down data silos and unlocking actionable intelligence from the most critical data sets.”

    “We are delighted that Stuart has joined our team”, says Adam de Courcy Ling, Executive Chairman of Blackdot Solutions. Videris is increasingly accepted as the best software platform available for investigators charged with understanding and disrupting some of society’s most difficult challenges, ranging from money-laundering, fraud and corruption, all the way through to terrorism. Stuart’s deep expertise, both as an investigator and as a technology specialist, will help us make Videris even better, while his proven leadership experience will further add to our strong team”.

    Stuart is a passionate conservationist and a board member of Helping Rhinos, a charity fighting to save rhino from extinction. He is also keen cyclist who has recently expanded his focus to triathlons and completed his first full Ironman. 

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