Sir Mark Rowley QPM joins Blackdot Solutions

By Rebecca Lindley

Blackdot solutions board advisor

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    We’re really excited to welcome Sir Mark Rowley QPM as a Board Advisor. Here’s the press release about our partnership that was published earlier this week.

    Blackdot Solutions, the UK-based creator of the world-leading Videris investigations platform, has appointed Sir Mark Rowley QPM as Board Advisor.

    Until his retirement in 2018, Sir Mark was one of the most senior police figures in the UK, having led UK Counter-Terrorism Policing from 2014 to 2018. He will sit as Board Advisor alongside Lord Evans of Weardale, former Director General of the UK’s domestic security intelligence agency MI5.

    The appointment of Sir Mark comes at a time when the amount of freely available online data is growing at a rapid pace. Videris allows users to exploit this data for investigative purposes, helping investigators to save time and gain new insights into whatever risks their organisations is facing. Government agencies, banks, enterprises and professional services providers all use Videris for their investigations, whether related to terrorism, financial crime, fraud or due diligence.

    Sir Mark said “We have hit a tipping point where the volume of online material available means that there is often more value in investigation through this realm than through conventional investigative techniques. However, too often investigators are not well equipped to exploit this data and draw coherent conclusions from it. Videris has a huge impact on the ability of investigators to make the most of online information. For those looking to counter terrorist threats or prevent financial crime, having the ability to quickly make sense of this data can mean the difference between success or failure. I very much look forward to working with the team on the next stage of their growth.

    Sir Mark’s depth of knowledge in the law enforcement sector will assist Blackdot in understanding the sector’s needs and ensure that these are reflected in Videris. With customers in the government sector, Videris has a strong base on which to build in this market.

    Adam de Courcy Ling, Executive Chairman at Blackdot Solutions said “We are delighted to welcome Sir Mark as Board Advisor. We and he believe strongly in the potential impact of Videris upon the law enforcement market. With his long and distinguished expertise in counter-terrorism and policing policy, an area where the UK has played a leading role globally, we will look to him to guide our thinking and help enhance our presence in this sector internationally as well as in the UK.

    About Blackdot Solutions

    Blackdot Solutions Ltd brings the power of software technology to researching online content. Based in Cambridge, UK, it was responsible for creating Videris, a world-leading investigations and intelligence platform. Videris collects, analyses and reports on information from numerous data sources in one platform, helping investigators to reduce time-intensive manual processes and gain new insights.

    About Sir Mark Rowley QPM

    Sir Mark led UK Counter Terrorism Policing (UKCTP) for four years while the ISIS, Neo-Nazi and other terror threats accelerated dramatically. He led urgent transformation initiatives and conducted numerous successful interventions into terrorist plots. Before this, he held roles at the MPS as an Assistant Commissioner and as Surrey Chief Police Constable.

    Sir Mark was knighted in the 2018 Birthday honours list for his “exceptional contribution to national security at a time of unprecedented threat and personally providing reassuring national leadership through the attacks of 2017”. He is now focusing on leadership positions within the security sector.

    Want to find out more about what Sir Mark is so impressed by? Get in touch with us for a chat or a demo.

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