Announcing Videris 4.0

By Stuart Clarke


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    This month we’re excited to announce the release of Videris 4.0; a new, more powerful version of Videris that allows investigators to unlock insights faster and from more sources than ever before.

    What’s new in Videris 4.0?

    More Powerful

    Extend your investigative reach with the Videris Connector Framework. This new framework allows your organisation to connect and search any API-accessible repository through Videris – whether internal or external. Investigators can now analyse all of their results inside the Videris platform, reducing time spent moving between sources and increasing efficiency. Users can even collaborate and share their own connectors in the community using our shared repository.

    Videris Connector Framework could be used for…

    • Anti-Money Laundering Investigations: Connect to regional corporate registries for richer local data, increasing knowledge of an individual and their wider network. Improve understanding of risk by searching a broader spread of sanctions or watch lists specific to your business.​
    • Serious and Organised Crime Investigations: Develop a more complete understanding of a network’s web-based footprint by searching across internet archives, regional social media platforms, marketplaces or forums (powered by ShadowDragon©). Then combine the results with local intelligence databases.
    • Insider Threat Investigations: Search across internal document and data repositories like SQL Server or Elastic and combine with data from the deep and dark web to establish early signs of risk to your business – or even the theft and/or sale of company information.

    More Global

    Videris 4.0 equips investigators with the ability to identify foreign-language risk more quickly. It offers expanded multi-language capabilities, including searching for risk in any language and uploading custom risk search terms for screening and alerting. Integrations with Yandex and the Pandora Papers also allow investigators to search an even broader range of sources to be able to investigate increasingly global crimes.

    More Secure

    We have added a range additional security measures and controls to Videris enabling users to implement more robust authentication methods as well benefiting from “back end” security enhancements and enterprise hardening.

    Want to find out more?

    Get in touch here to talk about Videris 4.0 and how it could increase efficiency in your investigation.

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