Emerging Threats in Serious and Organised Crime

10am - 12:30pm | Tuesday 2nd July | Central London | Register below

This event is aimed at law enforcement and government agencies at the forefront of the fight against organised crime. Through a talk led by national security expert Matthew Redhead and an open roundtable discussion, attendees will learn more about emerging organised crime threats and how to counter them. Discover more about the event and find the form to register below.

Presentation by national security expert

Ties that Bind: Understanding the State Threat-Organised Crime Nexus and its implications for UK Law Enforcement

Organised crime costs the UK at least £47 billion a year, threatening national security, damaging prosperity and causing severe harm to individuals. Now a worrying new trend has emerged: malicious state actors are increasingly instigating or supporting these crimes in an attempt to harm the UK as a whole. Law enforcement and government agencies will be crucial in countering this threat.

Matthew Redhead (RUSI) will open the session by exploring the growing use of criminal proxies by states such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Increasingly, these states are turning to ‘sharp measures’, such as assassinations and sabotage in the West, and encouraging the expansion of criminal activity as a weapon in its own right. 

Roundtable discussion

Following this talk, attendees will be invited to participate in a roundtable discussion focusing on current organised crime threats and the sharing of expertise. Possible topics include:

  • Emerging serious and organised crime threats impacting law enforcement today and how to identify and combat them.
  • The role of tools and technology in allowing more officers to effectively counter organised crime.
  • Practical discussion on how to fight such threats using techniques such as OSINT.

Networking lunch

The session concludes with a networking lunch, allowing attendees to meet like-minded professionals and build robust networks in the fight against organised crime.

About the Speaker

Matthre Redhead picture

Matthew Redhead

Senior Associate Fellow, RUSI

Matthew Redhead is a researcher and writer on national security and financial crime topics, and a regular contributor to Jane’s Intelligence Review on serious organised crime, financial crime, terrorism and intelligence.

Matthew served as a government official at the MoD, and on secondment at the Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT) at the Home Office before moving into the financial services sector, where he worked for several years in senior roles in HSBC's financial crime risk function, including as as Global Head of Strategic Intelligence. He also has considerable experience working in several fields of management consultancy for PwC and Matrix Knowledge Group.