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The OSINT Handbook for Law Enforcement

Discover how to elevate policing with open source intelligence gathering and analysis

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The OSINT and AI Handbook

Discover how to leverage AI in OSINT investigations, to improve the way you identify risks.

CTF Handbook

Beyond Screening and Monitoring

This report explores the advantages and deficiencies of current counter-terrorist financing models in the age of networks and OSINT. 

The OSINT Handbook

The OSINT Handbook

Download this handbook to explore the value of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and how it's transforming investigatory best practices.

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How Leading FIs Are Using OSINT

Discover how leading FIs are using OSINT to conduct more efficient investigations.

Transforming Financial Crime Investigations

Transforming Financial Crime Investigations

Find out how open source intelligence (OSINT) is improving AML processes and transforming the way financial crime risks are identified.

The AML Investigation Revolution

The AML Investigation Revolution

Explore the challenges of compliance-led AML/CFT models and why using intelligence-led approaches can improve AML outcomes.


The latest insights into open source intelligence best practices, tools and industry applications.

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Blackdot Illicit Trade Webinar


Investigating illicit trade: The importance of technology and Open Source Intelligence

In this webinar we hope to remind audiences of the importance of developing greater awareness of illicit trade, provide an overview of common typologies and methodologies, and offer tips on how to detect and investigate the people, organisations and networks involved.